As business people working very hard in the chaos of metropolitan life, we finally achieved a great dream of ours. An elegant and comfortable boutique hotel in a historic structure with a well-preserved texture reflecting its past… After long years of searching we finally found a building which we could convert into such a hotel.

We are bringing this stone mansion, which has survived since 1870s and hosted many memories, to you with its historical characteristics intact. 1870’s Taş Konak, resembling a museum with its architecture and concept, takes you back 150 years in time. We didn’t miss even the tiniest detail in our hotel, located in the center of Urla, so that you, our esteemed guests, can experience the atmosphere of those times. We named our rooms after five different people who lived in Urla and made their marks in history, giving them life in our hotel.

We, as 1870’s Taş Konak, continue to expand our family with houses of the same concept and similar architecture. A unique and enjoyable experience awaits our guests stepping into our hotels with their architecture, concept and fine details to be seen at every corner of the hotels.