Anaxagoras, who described the philosophy of nature for the first time before Plato and Socrates, was born in Urla and carried his philosophy to Athens after the Persian Wars. His book, which was sold for only 1 drachma, became the most read of that period.

“Science harms those who don’t know how useful it is to others and how to use it”. This quote by Anaxagoras becomes justified in years and he was executed by those who knew that science will harm them. Anaxagoras, who claimed that the sun has no sacred features, is accused of atheism like Galileo and many other philosopher. He is asked to betray his thoughts. And, of course, he chooses to die for this cause like the others

Room Facilities

Garden View
Makeup Desk
Mini Bar
Led TV
Air Conditioning
Hair Dryer

Safety Box
Original Preserved Ceiling and Floor
Old Stone Walls
Original Preserved Fireplace (Not Used)
Capacity 3 Person
18,6 m2