Alexander the Great

“There is nothing impossible to him who will try”.

When Aleksandros was not “Big” and not a king yet, was Busefalus, the most famous horse of the time, brought to Macedonia, to be sold to his father Filip. Young Alexandros turned the horse, which could not be tamed by masters, into the sun, preventing him from seeing his own shadow so he can holding his halter tightly and in this way young Aleksandros was sovereign. After carefully observing the intelligence and dexterity of his son, King Philip turned to Aleksandros and said “”You must build a kingdom worthy of you, because Macedonia is too small for you””. Aleksandros, who takes over half of the world in 13 years, probably listened to his father’s words. Probably millions of people have said “I wish he didn’t listened””.

Aleksandros ended the domination of the Persians in Anatolia and brings peace to the region. He connects it to the mainland by making a road to the quarantine island, built a social life in and around Urla and revives many cultural activities such as theater.

Room Facilities

Town View
Makeup Desk
Mini Bar
Led TV
Air Conditioning
Hair Dryer

Safety Box
Original Preserved Ceiling and Floor
Old Stone Walls
Original Preserved Niche
Capacity 3 Person
18 m2