Necati Cumalı

“For how many days we have left
We have that many suns
Happiness is our right for each day
Suns that were missing today and yesterday
Will not be paid for tomorrow”

Necati Cumalı, ageless poet, migrated to Turkey and settled in Urla within the population exchange between Greece and Turkey. Although he has produced many literary Works such as poetry, novel, story, essay and theater, as you can see in the sentences above, he has fascinated us with his poems. We reserved the Necati Cumalı room for our guests who knew that the suns, that we lost yesterday and today, will not be paid with tomorrow

Room Facilities

Makeup Desk
Mini Bar
Led TV
Air Conditioning
Hair Dryer

Safety Box
Original Preserved Ceiling and Floor
Old Stone Walls
Capacity 3 Person
18 m2