Princess Ulice

Evliya Çelebi’s Book of Travels tells us that Urla was founded by Princess Ulice, the daughter of the King of Kıdafe. Princess Ulice, who founded the city, calls it “Urli”. The name Urli changes over time and became “Urla”.

In Urla, which later became the focus of many monarchs in terms of nature and location, nothing has happened less. Urla hosted either many happiness and many sadness. Did Princess Ulice know this was going to happen when she founded this city? No one knows it… But we are working to host you with joy in this room.

Room Facilities

Town View
Makeup Desk
Mini Bar
Led TV
Air Conditioning
Hair Dryer
Safety Box

Original Preserved Ceiling
Old Stone Walls
Original Preserved Niche
Antique Record Player
Capacity 4 Person
30 m2