Yorgo Seferis

you get up and go to the city where you were born on a night
And look at the city which is demolished and established again
You try to catch the past years in the hope to find them again”

Yorgo Seferis, who lived in Urla until he was 14, was forced to settle in Greece with his family when First World War broke out in 1914. Since the day he settled, Seferis was longing for the city where he was born and raised and reflected this in his poems. The Nobel-winning poet, who influences many Turkish writers, proved that his ties were still intact. When the Greek poet returned to his native city after the great İzmir fire, he wrote the sentences above. In this city which is demolished from its base and established again, we are trying to keep the memories of Yorgo Seferis alive “in the hope to catch the past years”.

Room Facilities

Garden View
Makeup Desk
Mini Bar
Led TV
Air Conditioning
Hair Dryer

Safety Box
Original Preserved Ceiling and Floor
Old Stone Walls
Original Preserved Fireplace (Not Used)
Capacity 3 Person
18,6 m2